Celebrity Inspired Bags Are the Latest Fashion

Recent news has it that supermodel Kate Moss will be designing handbags for Longchamp. Celebrities designing exquisite apparels and accessories and most of them are successful in making their designs popular among the masses. But how are celebrity inspired bags different from the celebrity designed ones?

Often during Red Carpets, award functions and film festival, we see stars and superstars sporting stunning apparels as well as equally exquisite accessories. Designers know that such occasions are best to promote their designs. Hence, they make celebrities carry clutches, handbags and purses designed by them so that the designer gets promoted. But it is not possible for the common masses to afford such expensive handbags. Hence, a new trend of celebrity inspired bags has started where manufacturers design bags that are designed by other designers and are famously promoted by some glamorous star at some event or the other.

Well, everyone wants to save some money and there is nothing wrong or shameful in it, especially in these recession times. Today’s world economic condition is that people can’t afford to go about spending money mindlessly on frivolous things when there are other necessities to consider. For many years now designers bragged about the quality and style of their designs and made the common masses believe that unless you spend a thousand bucks on a handbag you won’t get a good one. This idea has undergone a change in recent times as various manufacturers have incorporated celebrity styles in their products and at the same time upgraded the quality of the items. Hence, these days you will find very little difference, as far as quality of material is concerned, between designer handbags and the celebrity inspired ones.

Hence, get rid of the misconception that inspired bags are made of cheap materials and very low in quality. Rather, they are good quality stuff that can be used in the same way as any original designer bag is used. The only difference being lies in their prices. So, why not save some bucks and yet stay in fashion with these inspired bags.

Such handbags have gained in popularity because fashion trends keep changing very fast. It becomes very difficult to keep pace with them if such products are sold at expensive rates. So, even when a particular style of bag goes out of fashion you won’t regret much. There would be no regret regarding the amount you spent on the old one or the amount you will have to spend on buying the new ones to remain in sync with the latest trends.